The Removable Partial Denture: Alive and Well in East Setauket?

What happened to the Removable Partial Denture? Now that implants are an integral part of modern dental treatment, have dentists discarded the removable partial denture (RPD)? All too often it seems that this is the case in a lot of dental offices. But I find that new patients often come into my East Setauket dental office looking for other less expensive options to replacing missing teeth. They have lost their back teeth and are unhappy with how they look and function.

Their previous dentist recommended implants and left it at that, without presenting other options. If the patient could not afford implants, the patient was left without a solution. Well, the removable partial denture is a solution for people who do not have the finances for implants. It can also be an interim solution until the patient has the financial means for implant placement.

Yes, there are limitations to the removable partial denture – it takes getting used to, some metal may be visible, the bone will continue to deteriorate. It’s not as good as implants – but is it better than nothing?  You bet it is!  For more information on types of removable partial dentures that we provide in our Long Island dental office see my blog post, “Not all partial dentures are alike“.

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