Hillary Clinton Loves My Porcelain Veneers
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My patient, Ellen, went to a Hillary Clinton fundraiser at the home of a hedge fund manager in South Hampton. Don’t ask me how she got invited – along with her husband and grandson. Seems her husband knows someone who knows someone. A couple of years ago they went to a Clinton fundraiser in Manhattan.  Donations for such events probably are in the neighborhood of $1500-5,000 per person.  It is remarkable that they had this amazing opportunity to hobnob with the Democratic political elite.  Security was of course very tight.  They had to mail in photo identifications before the event. Bags were carefully checked – no guns allowed. Only photos of Hillary by the official photographer were permitted. But the event was lots of fun – even inflatable bounce toys for the kids.

So how do my teeth fit into all of this gaiety?  Well, Ellen, like everyone else at the event, had the chance to shake Hillary’s hand for a photo op.  And what do  you think Hillary said as she was shaking Ellen’s hand? “What beautiful teeth you have!” the Secretary and Presidential Candidate said to a broadly smiling Ellen.  But Ellen’s teeth have porcelain veneers, designed and prepared by me in my office. Nice that Hillary liked my teeth. And Hillary’s teeth could be just as beautiful if she came to me for her dental treatment. I asked Ellen if she gave Hillary my card but she didn’t.

Hillary at the Democratic Convention August, 2016.  She has crowns on her front teeth but they could look better.

I’ve written posts about Joe Biden’s teeth, so to be fair I thought it was time for me to write about Donald Trump’s teeth. I’ve been looking closely at his abundant images on the media and observing his teeth. Definitely expensive porcelain crowns, fair esthetics but dreadful color. Too white, making the teeth too prominent, too fake. 

Ciro Scotti in an August 21, 2015 blog post in The Daily Beast wrote about his encounter some 15 years ago with Trump and his teeth.  At that time, Scotti was at the office of a dentist he called “a fancy Upper East Side dental surgeon who specialized in cosmetic work.”

The dentist showed Scotti a set of teeth molds: “Do you know what these are?” he asked.  Then answered his own question:  “Donald Trump’s teeth.” The dentist said Trump would come to the office every six months or so complaining that his veneers weren’t white enough.  “I tell him that if they are too white, they won’t look real,” the dentist said,  “but he won’t listen. So he picks a shade, and I make them about one-quarter as white as the shade he selects, and he goes away happy.”

As they walked down the hall, the door to an examining room was open and Scotti could see the back of a famous head of hair in the dentist’s chair. 

I hope this dentist informed Trump that if he continued replacing his veneers every six months, he will soon have no tooth left to veneer – crowns, root canals, extractions, implants will be in his future, if the future is not already here.

It’s a cliche: the British have really bad teeth. A reference to British teeth always gets a laugh from the American audience. I’ve checked out the situation and maybe yes, maybe no. Are British teeth really in worse shape than other people’s? Probably not. But in 2012 the New Republic raised a ruckus when it placed a photo-shopped portrait of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge with rotting teeth. The picture is on the cover of the July 8, 2012 edition of the magazine and it is meant to be a sign of the decay of Britain, the featured story. This special issue of the magazine ran with the title ‘Something’s Rotten. The Last Days of Britain’ next to the picture. The photo really is a shocker and shows how ugly teeth can spoil a lovely face.

The British newspaper, The Daily Mail, voiced outrage at the lack of respect for British royalty. Then other media and social media weighed in on the appropriateness of altering the royal image and whether the cover photo showed disrespect for the British royalty.
I always thought Kate had a beautiful smile and I wasn’t sure if she had had any cosmetic dentistry done. So I went on an internet hunt and searched for clues. According to the British periodical, Mail Online: “Last year the pearly white Duchess spent thousands of pounds having her teeth polished and turned to give her the perfect smile.” A French dentist used a “hidden brace to make Kate’s teeth appear a little out of line, un-American and therefore beautifully natural. ‘He did some little micro-rotations on Kate,’ the dentist Bernard Touati revealed. ‘That’s why they look so good – because they are not perfectly aligned. The problem in the United States is they have very artificial vision. But what we like is a natural healthy smile, but not artificial.'”  Yes, I do agree with him that natural is best and that is what I strive for. The dentist also whitens teeth and has an office in London’s Wimpole Street as well as in Paris and Geneva.

Here is Kate’s naturally beautiful smile, before any cosmetics were done:



Kate’s husband, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge has his mother, Princess Diana’s teeth – incisors too large and a narrow buccal corridor. Maybe he had his premolars removed for orthodontic treatment? I think his mother, the late Princess Diana almost certainly did. His younger brother, Prince Henry of Wales, could use braces to close the spaces between his front teeth. The boys’ father, Prince Charles, has scraggly, yellow teeth.  Just look below at a cartoon of Prince Charles, complete with bad teeth, which appeared several years ago on the cartoon series The Simpsons:



And look at how a royal fan weighs in:


In reading Robert Massie’s fascinating biography of Catherine the Great, I came across the following account of a toothache and high fever that persisted for months.  It got unbearable when the Princess was traveling in an open sleigh from Moscow to St. Petersburg during a brutal Russian winter.  In her diaries she describes the agony she felt.  Of course at this time there were no antibiotics and no analgesics.

When the entourage arrived at their destination, the Empress’s chief physician was finally called in to extract the offending tooth.  The chief surgeon was French – apparently there were no dentists so medical surgeons filled in as needed.  He sat on floor with another surgeon, and both held the Princess down.   He wrenched and pulled until she could feel her jaw bone breaking.  He had extracted the tooth and with it, a piece of lower jaw.  She was confined to bed and was in pain for 4 weeks, her jaw exhibiting blue and yellow bruises from the physician’s fingers.

She survived the ordeal – but aren’t we lucky to have the benefits of modern dental medicine!

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After writing my blog entry yesterday about Vice President Joseph Biden’s teeth, I Googled “Joe Biden teeth” and up came a website. I kid you not! There is also a very funny (funny to dentists anyway) YouTube video about Joe Biden’s teeth.

In case you are wondering, it looks to me like the Vice President has had a full mouth reconstruction, consisting of porcelain crowns covering all of his existing teeth and bridges to replace any missing teeth. But the crowns are too white, too opaque, and too long and bulky for him. I would have done much better dentistry so that the teeth looked natural and were appropriate to his face. Crowns and bridges should look like real teeth. Unfortunately his look fake. Check out my Smile Transformations and Crowns and Bridges pages on this website and you’ll see some beautiful dentistry that I did at my East Setauket dental office.

Official portrait of Vice President of the Uni...

Official portrait of Vice President of the United States . (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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When asked about his propensity for gaffes, Vice President Joseph Biden told Brian Williams of NBC TV, “I’m too long of tooth to change who I am.” Did he really mean this? Does the VP have periodontal disease? Or was he just being metaphorical? If he has gum disease, maybe he’ll come out publicly like Whoopi Goldberg did recently (see my blog entry of May 17, 2009). He could tell us how he neglected his dental health until it was too late and how gum disease destroyed his teeth’s supporting tissues.

If people were thereby motivated to seek professional care, what a benefit to the nation’s dental health that would be! (Long of tooth refers to the length of the tooth as the gums recede and more of the tooth’s root is exposed.) If you notice any change in your gums or teeth (bleeding, swelling, odor, tooth movement, change in bite) contact our Long Island Dental office and we’ll do a periodontal evaluation of your teeth and supporting structures.charlie s angels download

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