Porcelain Tooth Veneers for a Lovely New Smile

This lovely young woman had old composite bonding on her front teeth. The bonding was discolored, the gums were inflamed and she had an uneven gumline.  She had some periodontal work to align her gums and we then placed porcelain veneers to give her a beautiful, natural looking smile.






Ryan suffers from amelogenesis imperfecta, a hereditary disease in which there is imperfect formation of enamel, resulting in a brownish coloration and fragile teeth. These teeth are weak and tend to decay easily. Unfortunately, Ryan and other members of his family have this condition. All of his teeth were decayed; some were too decayed to be saved, others needed root canal treatment, and also periodontal treatment before we could create a fabulous smile for him with porcelain veneers.  Ryan is thrilled and is getting ready to have his lower arch restored.





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My patient, Ellen, went to a Hillary Clinton fundraiser at the home of a hedge fund manager in South Hampton. Don’t ask me how she got invited – along with her husband and grandson. Seems her husband knows someone who knows someone. A couple of years ago they went to a Clinton fundraiser in Manhattan.  Donations for such events probably are in the neighborhood of $1500-5,000 per person.  It is remarkable that they had this amazing opportunity to hobnob with the Democratic political elite.  Security was of course very tight.  They had to mail in photo identifications before the event. Bags were carefully checked – no guns allowed. Only photos of Hillary by the official photographer were permitted. But the event was lots of fun – even inflatable bounce toys for the kids.

So how do my teeth fit into all of this gaiety?  Well, Ellen, like everyone else at the event, had the chance to shake Hillary’s hand for a photo op.  And what do  you think Hillary said as she was shaking Ellen’s hand? “What beautiful teeth you have!” the Secretary and Presidential Candidate said to a broadly smiling Ellen.  But Ellen’s teeth have porcelain veneers, designed and prepared by me in my office. Nice that Hillary liked my teeth. And Hillary’s teeth could be just as beautiful if she came to me for her dental treatment. I asked Ellen if she gave Hillary my card but she didn’t.

Hillary at the Democratic Convention August, 2016.  She has crowns on her front teeth but they could look better.

Judy slipped and fell on the ice during our January snowstorm. Today the temperature climbed to 7o degrees – a record for early March so it is hard to remember that we were knee-deep in snow just two months ago.  My daffodils and crocuses are in bloom today.  But getting back to January and Judy’s fall.  Unfortunately she fell facedown, and she fractured two front teeth.  As you can see below, the right front tooth was beginning to darken from the trauma. You can also see fracture lines in that tooth and the one to the right of it.  One of the traumatized teeth required root canal, the other did not.  She then elected to have veneers placed on all four front teeth to cover and protect the fractured and discolored teeth and to achieve the beautiful smile that she had long wanted.  We lightened her tooth color and removed the space between the two front teeth. A nice result!



Fractured Teeth Needing Restoration

X01265A2Repaired with Porcelain Tooth Veneers

Mary did not like her smile. Her front teeth were dark and uneven. She was ready for some cosmetic dentistry to give her a smile she could be proud of. We spoke about placing veneers on several of her front teeth but she wanted to see how we could improve her smile with minimal dentistry. I felt that we could achieve what she wanted by placing porcelain veneers on her two front teeth. The veneers would lengthen and brighten her smile. She is so happy with how her teeth look that she is now considering placing veneers and crowns on her other teeth that could also use restoration.


Before: Broken teeth, stained and decayed.


After: Porcelain veneers to brighten her smile.

When Andrew was a child he fractured both of his upper front teeth. He had crowns placed on both teeth in the early 1980’s. As you can see below, the crowns are squat and too bright for the surrounding teeth and the gums are uneven. The crowns look very artificial and he was unhappy with the looks.   Not only were the teeth ugly – but they were causing enormous wear of the lower front teeth because the crowns were in the way and he was grinding and clenching his teeth.  Andrew needed a makeover!  We removed the old crowns, placed new all-ceramic crowns on the upper front teeth and placed porcelain veneers on the lower front teeth. Andrew is thrilled – he looks wonderful!



Before: ugly crowns, worn down lower teeth


After: new crowns and veneers – very natural looking

This is what Andrew wrote to us after the work was completed:

Thanks to Dr. Terry and her great staff!!  Special thanks to Peter Kouvaris, Master Ceramist for his excellent work on my crowns. Dr. Terry is an absolute professional and she uses only the best Lab. They literally saved my mouth and my smile! Her approach to my problem was the absolute right one. Other dentists could not even handle my problem, but Dr. Terry took the time, she did not rush, she called me after visits to discuss the right plan of action and to see how I was feeling because she really cares.  Dr. Terry and Peter Kouvaris Lab…. THANK YOU!!

Steve really dragged his feet when it came to taking care of his teeth. He refused to notice how his front teeth were broken and discolored. He let me bond the teeth with composite but the extent of the fracture, not to mention the space between his two front teeth, really required porcelain veneers to correct his smile. Porcelain veneers are long lasting, strong, hold their color and look natural.

Finally Steve gave me the go-ahead. He came in last week so I could prepare the teeth, take impressions and make temporary veneers. Today we bonded in the new veneers. Peter Kouvaris, the Master Ceramist who fabricates my veneers, did an exceptional job of matching the multiple shades, translucencies and textures of the veneers so they match Steve’s natural teeth. We are able to get great results because I take multiple intra-oral photos that I email to the laboratory. Often the patient will go in person to the laboratory to aid in the shade selection. With close attention to the photos and from communication between Peter and myself we get fabulous results. And, what do you think? – Steve loves his new smile!

Ivoclar is the company that manufactures e-Max, the porcelain that we used for this case.  We sent Ivoclar my before and after photos of Steve – with and without the veneers.  The company representatives were ecstatic about the natural results. More typically, patients want bright white veneers.  But this patient wanted minimal intervention – just the two front teeth restored – and he wanted us to match these two teeth to his other discolored and worn teeth.  This was a challenge.  It really shows the capability of this porcelain and the skill of the ceramist.  The porcelain is very strong and has esthetic capabilities that outshine its competitors.  Ivoclar is so excited about Steve’s smile that they asked Peter Kouvaris and myself if we would consent to a promotional campaign highlighting the case. The campaign will be geared to dentists and to dental laboratories.  Of course we said yes. This is great exposure for me – I love for people to see my work.