A New Denture and an Overdenture for Sharon

Sharon’s dentures were old – 15 years to be exact – and were worn out.  The teeth were worn and yellow. She was having difficulty chewing and the dentures were loose. We made her a new set of dentures – this took no more than three weeks.  She was thrilled. No adhesives needed.  She was comfortable and she looked great. New teeth took several years off of her age. Note how her lip has filled out, wrinkles diminished.  She can eat again! She was so happy that she decided to add two implants to her lower arch. We attached Locator abutments, creating an overdenture. The attachments on the denture snap into the abutments and create a snug fit.  Now this lower denture was a struggle to remove.


Old denture, teeth worn flat, stained yellow.


New upper denture and lower overdenture – lifelike teeth, bright color

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