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Why continue to suffer with ill-fitting dentures? We can design a custom denture for you that will fit so snugly you will have trouble removing it! You will be able to eat whatever you want. You will be proud to smile wide!


We make our dentures with careful attention to detail.  For many years I utilized the Turbyfil technique of denture construction.  More recently I have incorporated the Massad denture technique for even greater patient comfort, function and aesthetics.  This approach to denture construction uses modern dental impression materials to ensure a perfect fit for your dentures.  The technique pays careful attention to the position of the teeth and the way the teeth come together.  The procedure is efficient – I often can make a set of dentures – start to finish – in four visits over a total of four weeks.  The dentures need few – if any – adjustments.


Your denture base is processed with the finest materials and is GUARANTEED against breakage for the first three years of the life of the denture.  If breakage occurs during this initial three year period, our excellent dental laboratory will repair it without any charge to you.  Your denture teeth are GUARANTEED against breakage for one year from the initial processing of new dentures.



Decayed teeth replaced with new dentures



Patients love my dentures – I make sure of that!


dent1  dent2

Ill-fitting dentures replaced with new dentures



What about implants instead of a denture?


Dentists often recommend implants in order to stabilize dentures. Dental implants are very small titanium posts that are surgically placed into the jawbone. Over several months the titanium bonds with the bone, creating a strong foundation for artificial teeth. The implants can be used to support a fixed bridge or they can support a removable denture. The advantage of the fixed bridge is that the teeth are screwed into a framework and are not removable by the patient, but the disadvantage is the cost. The advantage of the implant supported removable denture is that it is less costly than the fixed bridge, but the disadvantage is that the denture is removable.


The problem is that many people who are retired and on fixed incomes cannot afford either type of implant. Yes, implants are a wonderful service and have revolutionized what modern dentistry can do to improve lives. I love implants! But due to the laboratory and materials costs involved, they are expensive and time-consuming.


My approach in treating edentulous patients with limited finances is different from other dentists. Understand that dentists today have lost the art of making fine dentures and they often rely on implants for added denture support. But it makes no sense to add implants to a denture that doesn’t fit properly. Once a patient has a denture that fits well, they may find that they don’t need the implants after all.


I do not tell patients that they must have implants if they want comfort. A person’s finances do play a role in the decision making. I make excellent custom-fitted dentures, and I tell the patient that if the new dentures don’t fit and function well, we can then add implants. I carefully design each denture and let the patient wear a “trial denture” before going to finalization. That way, patients are always satisfied, and I have the gratification of knowing that I have delivered dentures that fit and function well and look great. My experience is that the denture patient often decides not to add implants. Implants are always an option, but they don’t have to be the first option. I believe that patients like these can be well served with high quality dentures.


What about Removable Partial Dentures?


Many patients want to keep things as simple as possible. Sometimes a removable partial denture is a viable option for people with limited finances.


last1  last2

Before and After insertion of removable partial dentures

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