Long Island Dog Ate Her Denture

It was late afternoon Friday – I wasn’t in the office when I received a frantic text message from my answering service: “I just moved to L.I., my son is getting married in two weeks and my dog ate my denture – help!”  I called Marie right back and she was so relieved that I offered to see her the next morning.  When she came to the office the next day, we did a complete examination, took a few xrays and began the denture process by taking careful impressions and charting a schedule so the new dentures would be ready just in time for the wedding.  We scheduled a records appointment, a try-in appointment and delivery.

So how did the dog get a hold of the denture? Marie had had a long day and was ready for a nap. She took out her denture, laid it on a nearby table and promptly fell asleep. Her dog grabbed the denture and took a few bites, chopping off several pieces of the device.  By the time Marie caught the culprit, the damage was done. She tried gluing the denture together but that at best is only a stopgap measure. The denture was old and brittle – easily broken. The teeth were worn and the denture was overdue for replacement.  Marie was missing all of her upper teeth but she was also missing her lower back teeth. I recommended that we make a lower partial denture in addition to a new upper denture. That way she would have back teeth for chewing and that support would help stabilize her remaining lower front teeth.

She is thrilled with the result and ready for wedding photos. She said she was grateful to her dog for forcing her to replace her denture which she had been putting off. Now she had a denture that looked fabulous, was secure without adhesive, and functioned well.  Just a reminder to always place your dentures in a denture box – if they fall on a hard surface, they can break. If wrapped in a napkin, they can inadvertently be thrown out. I have seen this.


Look at what the dog did!

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