Smithtown Sisters: Identical Teeth?

Karen and Meg are sisters. They started out with almost identical teeth.  But Meg smoked a pack of cigarettes a day for over 20 years. Karen never smoked. Guess which teeth below belong to Meg and which teeth belong to Karen? You guessed it – Meg’s teeth are at the top; Karen’s below.  Smoking is connected to periodontal (gum) disease. The bone resorbs, leaving a long tooth.  Without support of bone, the teeth loosen and move out of position. In Meg’s case, the front teeth became more crowded and became very protrusive. The teeth were so loose that she knew that it was only a matter of time before they would fall out , and she had already lost a couple of back teeth.  By the time she came to our dental office the gum disease was so advanced and the teeth so out of position that dentures were the best option for her.  She was very unhappy about the condition of her teeth, and she was excited at the prospect of having new teeth that would make her look more like her younger self. We will fashion our custom immediate denture for her.  Photos to follow!



Carol desperately wanted to have her teeth fixed. They were crooked and discolored and chipped.  Several were decayed. She wanted white, white teeth that were straight, straight. She came to our East Setauket dental office at 9:00 this morning and by noon she had temporary crowns that were white and straight – just like she wanted. She has to have some gum recontouring done, then impressions and cementation of the permanent crowns. We will also whiten her lower back teeth.  The permanent crowns will look even better than the temporary crowns – but for now Carol is thrilled!


Before placing crowns


     Temporary Crowns

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What do you think John Lennon’s molar tooth sold for at auction this past November?  Would you believe $31,000!  The decayed tooth was bought by Michael Zuk, a dentist from Alberta, Canada.  He is a collector of animal teeth and celebrity memorabilia.  The dentist plans to have the tooth mounted and placed on display in his office.  He said he would also lend the tooth to dentists or dental schools or anyone who would like to display it.

John Lennon gave the tooth to his housekeeper who lived in England at the time the tooth was extracted in the mid 1960’s.  She then moved to Canada and has kept the tooth ever since.  She provided an affidavit confirming that the tooth was authentic.  Even so, I doubt I would want to display it!